Moringa oleifera

plantation: La Pedregosa, Colombia


Family: Moringaceae
Common names: Moringa, Bèn ailé, Benzolive
Type of foliage: Evergreen
Life expectancy: 40 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 120 Kg
Height: 12 m


What the planter likes about it

Moringa oleifera is a relatively fast growing tree that can be planted in marginal, poor soil locations. In cultivation settings frequent pruning produces copious foliage and bean-like fruits that supply nutrition to both people and animals. This tree is a must in any reforestation setting and for local socio-economic development programs. At La Pedregoza we have been cultivating Moringa trees for some years now, and they are an important ingredient in the animal fodder we produce which in turn lets our Cebú cows produce the natural fertilizer we need for the plantation. Wildlife seems to enjoy Moringa as well, with evidence of rabbits, armadillos, deer and burrowing owls, to name just a few species, in evidence inside Moringa cultivations at La Pedregoza . We also appreciate Moringa, because the seeds remnants after oil extraction produce fertilizer rich in nutrients.

Species particularities

Moringa, often called the "miracle tree”, is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree, native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India, and widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas. It’s uses are mainy: from the seed pods and leaves used as food, to its water purification properties, the moringa leaves are also used in many traditional medicines. Moringa is possibly the most nutritious plant on the planet. Its leaves are a source of multiple vitamins, Calcium, protein and other essential nutrients. The fact this species grows very well in very arid conditions makes it an amazing solution for countries facing malnutrition crises.

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Usefulness of the tree

  • Alimentation humaine
  • Alimentation animale
  • Fourrage
  • Huile alimentaire
  • Médecine traditionnelle
  • Haie vive
  • Remise en état des terres
  • Cosmétique
  • Médecine moderne
  • Essences
  • Bois d'énergie
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