Swietenia humilis

plantation: Communitree, Nicaragua


Family: Meliaceae
Common names: Honduran Mahogany, Sopilocuahuilt, Caoba del Pacifico, Caoba del Honduras, Caobilla, Cobano, Gateado, Ventanillo, Zapatón
Type of foliage: Feuilles caduques
Life expectancy: 50 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 900 Kg
Height: 35 m


What the planter likes about it Swietenia humilis was selected because it grows well in drier climates, like Limay. Native to Nicaragua, this species has been excessively logged to the point that is it listed as a vulnerable species under the IUCN Red list. Species particularities Commonly known as Honduran Mahogany, Swietenia humilis is one of the most favoured trees to plant because of its big, bright leaves and its very straight trunk. It is locally referred to as 'valiant' for its posture.

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Usefulness of the tree

Wood for construction
Carpentry wood
Oil essentials
Traditional medicine

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