Ocotea cymbarum

plantation: La Pedregosa, Colombia


Family: Lauraceae
Common names: Sassafras, Sasafrás, Chimar, Karoa, Louro Inhamui, Pau de Gasolina
Type of foliage: Evergreen
Life expectancy: 40 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 904 Kg
Height: 30 m


What the planter likes about it

Ocotea cymbarum is a special native tree that is endangered due to past reckless logging. It can be found on the IUCN Red List. Past popularity was due to its Safrole oil, as a root beer ingredient and due to its nice odor. Sassafras wood was used for fine furniture (European royalty liked its color and smell) and boat building. Efforts at seed collection are complicated by the fact that parrots and macaws often eat the seeds before they can be gathered, a dangerous task high in the rain forest canopy

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Usefulness of the tree

  • Alimentation animale
  • Artisanat
  • Bois d'énergie
  • Bois d'ébénisterie
  • Bois de construction
  • Bois pour l'outillage
  • Essences
  • Médecine traditionnelle
  • Médecine moderne
  • Intérêt folklorique
  • Intérêt historique
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