Albizia saman

plantation: Limay, Nicaragua


Family: Fabaceae - Mimosoideae
Common names: acacia, algarrabo, cow bean tree, cow tamarind, giant thibet, monkey pod, rain tree, saman tree
Type of foliage: Semi-deciduous
Life expectancy: 15 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 1 704 Kg
Height: 30 m


What the planter likes about it

Albizia Samanea was selected because it often grows into very large canopy trees, providing shelter and habitat for animals. Additionally it thrives well in dry climates.

Species particularities

This large, majestic tree is often referred to as the 'rain tree'. Its leaves close during the night, allowing condensation to fall to the ground. In the day time, the Albizia Samanea leaves open and shade the ground, keeping the ground below moist. It is often used for sawn-wood, fodder and soil fertilization.

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Usefulness of the tree

  • Fourrage
  • Bois d'ébénisterie
  • Bois de construction
  • Ombre
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